Calgary Golf Lessons

The Golf Academy

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Our Golf Academy  Guarantees To Knock 4 to 8 Strokes Off Your Short Game Alone!

Research by the PGA Tour has shown that over 70% of all golf shots are played inside 100 yards. Riverside is the only "indoor" golf facility in Calgary that has a large short game surface to help you where it really the scoring zone!

C.P.G.A. Golf Professionals

Our professionals include Rob McLeay, Glenn Boswell, Bill Dreger,Garett Jenkinson and Len White whom have over 60 plus years of experience in instruction.

Private Lessons

Semi-Private Lessons (2 Golfers)

1- 40 Minute Lesson    $70 1-60-Minute Lesson        $60 Each
3- 40 Minute Lessons  $195      3-60- Minute Lessons     $175 Each
5- 40 Minute Lessons  $300 5-60-Minute Lessons      $275 Each
10- 40 Minute Lessons $550 10-60-Minute Lessons    $500 Each

Jr. Lessons 20% Off Regular Price