Beginner Golf Lessons Calgary

Become a Pro in No Time With Our Beginner Golf Lessons, Calgary!

Highest Quality Indoor Golfing Lessons in Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Take all of the Frustration Out and Learn To Love The Game of Golf

At the Calgary Golf Academy we have many students that come to see us who are completely new to the game. They start off with no experience and end up becoming good. With some of the most professional beginner golf lessons Calgary has to offer we help beginners walk away with a newfound passion for the game. 

Gain Pure Enjoyment for the Game of Golf!

The most important time in your golf career is when you're first starting out as a novice. And, unfortunately, it's too easy for a first-time player to get mixed-up by mechanical techinque "mumbo jumbo" that many lessons employ. And in those situations it causes a newcomer to develop “Paralysis by Analysis” - making it harder for you to enjoy the game. Golfing is a great way to relieve stress, but it becomes hard to do that when you're worried about not being good. You will be taught not only how to play the game but how to have fun doing it! 

Learn to Hit the Ball and Start Having Fun Immediately!

We can ensure that all players start having fun right away! Riverside Golf Academy developed this program specific to beginner golfers so that you can learn to hit the golf ball and get on the golf course in a minimal amount of time. The way the program is designed, it will have you making great shots right away! 

Junior Golf Lessons Calgary

Our programs aren't just for adults, we also have a variety of junior programs and camps. Our camps are held throughout the summer months and are intended for children between the ages of 6 - 17. 

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